How to become a full-time Cam Affiliate

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When I lost my clients as the pandemic came into swing, I decided to go all in on my already growing affiliate marketing business. However I also began looking at new opportunities for income based on the skills and experience that I had already accrued. This is when I stumbled upon the thriving industry of Live Adult Cams. I was immediately shocked by the level of spending that went on in these “Cam Rooms” and began to investigate the opportunities. This is when I found out that most adult content offers Affiliate Marketing Programs. I dove in. Less than two years later I’ve got various strategies that earn me in total at least $1,000 a day on average. 

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In this course I’ll show you the basics of how to gain users who will earn a few dollars each, and sure that helps grow the pot, but let’s be honest the interesting thing is to be Captain Ahab, to catch a whale, your very own Moby Dick. I’ve caught a few since but I’m going to bring you on a journey on this course of one particular whale (who sadly didn’t want to be identified as anything more than a number…for obvious reasons) that joined through one of my links in January. He went on to spend $250,000+ in less than 6 months, netting me over $50,000 worth of income.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, this is not a science course, this is a course about using common sense and simple techniques to create an AUTOMATED WEALTH GENERATION MACHINE. Are you ready to dive in?