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How to get broadcasters for your white label

If you’re reading this it’s likely because you followed our tutorial on the Entrepreneurs section of this website and you are looking for ways to increase the income rapidly and one clear way to do this is to entice people to sign up as broadcasters on your website and begin to go on cam. This has two clear paths to increased income for your new business.

The first, and the obvious, is that when someone signs up as a broadcaster on your white label they will earn you a $50 bonus once they earn their first $20, which means that by focusing on nothing more than getting 2 broadcasters per week you can earn a solid $400 extra income per month.

However the bigger reason to do this is the probability game, if someone signs up as a broadcaster on your website, they are likely to share your link as opposed to Chaturbate’s main link as they signed up with you and not them. This means that if they gain a following, they are now bringing users to register on your website and hence earning you commission. If you managed to get someone who is incredible and drawing a big spender or a large audience then it likely means lots of commissions for you.

However, finding people who want to broadcast is anything but an easy task and will take a considerable effort to achieve. Thus, like everything else I do in life, I started wondering what are the key tasks I could do for 20 minutes a day which would compound into real results over time. As such I’ve put together this couple of things, I’ve been doing (or sources have been) for the past 2 months that are finally garnering success.

Using Instagram

One of the ways we promoted our white label with solid results from the start was Instagram, which was driving traffic using hashtags to the site, converting registrations, and inevitably gaining money from token spends. This seemed like the obvious choice for me, Instagram is a platform which drives the vain, people want to show off and therefore I figured surely it would be easy to find some people who would be more than happy to go on cam.

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    My strategy was I setup a separate Instagram with the link in bio to the broadcaster’s registration page for my website. This allowed me to then go to Unsplash, take some photos of models and then go to Canva and make an image saying “Earn up to $1000 per month in your spare time.” I then took the top 30 hashtags for fitness and gym, figuring people in shape would feel more comfortable on cam, and I followed 20 of these people every couple of hours.

    The first couple of weeks saw no uptick but over time these people began to click through to the link and shortly afterwards I began to saw the first of my broadcaster registrations.

    Going Deeper into the Web

    The other option which I personally haven’t use but have discussed with many other site owners is to essentially go straight to the source, unlike my idea above, it will gain faster results but it is more work intensive and I don’t think you could automate it over time like I could using my Instagram account for example.

    Basically what these people do is that they write a simple introduction script and then head over to Pornhub, Fetlife, etc and start talking to people who are already sharing content on these sites and telling them about the “opportunity.”

    This is highly effective as you are targeting the exact kind of people who are likely to go on these cam sites in the first place.

    Tweeting Only Fans Peeps

    This has been less effective I’ll grant you but it’s made some income so I figure it is worth listing, I essentially setup the same idea as Instagram, an account where I could post about the opportunity and then I took to following the #OnlyFans hashtag and started following and commenting on people who are already posting this kind of content on both twitter and onlyfans. It has worked to an extent in terms of registering a few broadcasters.

    The main reason I mention it though is that this account has actually ended up having the weird knock on effect of bringing people to my cam site and gaining more registrations which in turn has generated token sales. Therefore I figure it’s worth continuing either way.

    Do you have any other great methods or would like to write something for us? Get in touch or comment below.

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