Top Earning Cam Girls

Top Earning Cam Girls

In today’s day and age, there is a lot of demand for online webcam modeling. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit, webcam modeling has skyrocketed as consumers want to satisfy their intimate desires without physical contact. This leads them towards webcam models, and they spend their money on online perks, which may be; chaturbation, …

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cam platforms

Which Cam Platforms have the Highest Spending Customers?

There is rage and love in pre-recorded porn films; however, none can match the level of live action on cam platforms. The adult cam industry is a booming business. It was valued at US$ 2 Billion in 2018, according to Stephan Yagielowicz. Stephan is a spokesperson at XBIZ, which is the adult industry’s leading publication. …

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How much do cam girls make

How much do cam girls make?

Although the obvious answer is that it depends and can fly wildly from enough to bottle a bottle of Moet to enough to buy a Lamborghini. In this article I wanted to run through a range of figures and the differences between them so that you can get some idea of the averages. I will …

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Translate Your Website

Translating Your Website

One of the biggest reasons why we get so many impressions is that we know our target market inside and out. Using Google Analytics and breaking down our demographic at the end of last year convinced us that translating our website and offering it in Spanish would massively increase our viewership. Did it work? Yes …

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