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Rules for Articles to be Approved:


  1. Self Promotion is Allowed, but…
    We love you posting here, it helps us as much as it helps open up your content to a wider audience. In return we are happy for you to share links to your own website and even affiliate links. It’s not an issue. However the post still needs to add value to the reader. If your article is a helpful resource that links to affiliate products or your own website that’s fine. If it’s just an advert for you, it won’t be accepted.
  2. No Explicit Content
    I know this sounds funny given that this site is about pornography, however we don’t publish actual NSFW content, just information. A photo with women (or men) in lingerie or bikini’s is fine. However full nudity won’t be accepted.
  3. Thats it for now
    Obviously there might be more reasons for us not to accept but generally if you follow the above you’re fine, if we don’t accept your content, we will email you with why so that you can amend and resubmit the content to be approved.