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How to Become a Cam Girl – The Complete Guide for 2023

Welcome to the essential guide for How to become a cam girl. If you’re a cam model and have some corrections on the below, please hit the comments.

We’ve been working in this industry for a while now. We work with a lot of models from around the world. There are always lots of people interested in getting started because it’s the ultimate work from home job. Especially, if you like to show your bits off. Also I cannot think of many work from home jobs that will give you this kind of spending power. In this guide you will learn How to become a cam girl.

In other posts we discuss what you need, how to get started and easy way to start promoting yourself. Making money in this industry is easy, if you follow this essential guide on How to become a cam girl.

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How to Become a Cam Girl: Table of Contents

  1. The Type of Person
    1. Looks
    2. Nude v. Non-Nude
    3. Kinks
  2. The Platforms
    1. Chaturbate
    2. Bongacams
    3. LiveJasmin
    4. StripChat
    5. Camsoda
  3. The Equipment
    1. Cameras
    2. Sex Toys
    3. Lingerie
  4. Privacy
  5. Marketing Strategy
    1. Instagram
    2. Reddit
    3. Content
  6. Earning More with a White Label
  7. Big Spenders & the Whales to Find

How to Become a Cam Girl: The Person

The Type of Person

The only criteria for this type of work is a strong personality. A little self confidence will go along way, at the end of the day this is still a taboo subject. I get a lot of complaints every day for promoting this kind of thing online. I think personally, as long as it’s the girl (or guys) decision, then it’s fine. However this is the internet so be prepared for some blow back from trolls online. Oh and also unhappy fundamentalists scoping around the forums, who secretly use the services anyway.


You might think that you need to be a stunning looking model to make it in this industry, but ignore that. That is just what society has tried to force on us about beauty to make money selling sex and magazines. No matter what you look like, there will be an audience for you. As Rule 34 of the internet famously says “if you can think of it, there is porn of it.”

Nude Vs. Non-Nude

There is the obvious increase in quick money when it comes to nude modelling. You’re more likely to get increased traffic and longer watch time. However there is the flip side of this. Which is that non-nude models are more likely to over time attract the big spenders. They get their rocks off by trying to pay you a lot of money on Private Cam to drop the top. However you will see that these strategies differ depending on the strategy and we’ll go through that below.


Since the dawn of time, women have been able to flash their ankles and make men crazy. Now with the internet and direct access to porn frying the brains of men over the past 30 years or so, a lot of very strange (yet wonderful) kinks have appeared and everyone is into something. One of the things that you should embrace is that if you have a strange fantasy or kink, use it to your advantage. Promote that, it will give you a more niche audience and make you stand out from the crowd.

How to Become a Cam Girl: The Platforms

When it comes to starting out as a cam girl, there isn’t just one place to go. You’ve got a ton of options but there are some strong players that have been in the market. For a long time that can give you a massive injection of steady traffic. This is where you should go if you want to be able to make money as fast as possible. You can always go on multiple platforms. That would be our advice if you want to maximize your earnings, but you can start with one. Add the others as you get more comfortable.


When it comes to well known cam sites, Chaturbate, is probably the big daddy of sites. It’s a great way to start if you’re willing to go straight to the nude camming. This is because they have a massive amount of big spenders tipping every day. They net a whopping $500million revenue per year and they must be doing something right.

The upsides of this service is that if you wanted to get online and started making money in the next 10-15 minutes, you could easily do this. If you’ve got your passport ready to prove you’re over 18 and a webcam ready. The downside like I said is that if you want to make serious money on this website, then you’re going to most likely have to go nude from the outset. At the very least understand the fact that a small percentage of the public will be tipping for you to show your stuff to the rest.

The advantages are that you can still say dressed and try sell private shows. Until you have a loyal following bare in mind this will be a little difficult.

You get paid $0.05 (USD) per token. This works out to around a 40% cut of the total amount paid by the user tipping. Payments are made to Paxum or Wire transfer account every 15 days. As long as you meet the payout minimum and have cashed out your tokens earned.

Get Started on Chaturbate Now


If the video isn’t playing, click here to watch in a new tab.

Although Chaturbate is better known, Bongacams is more popular in every way and in recent years. It has become a favorite of cam girls but if you want to earn serious money and you’re already on Chaturbate, you can broadcast on both at once. Bongacams has a massive advantage over Chaturbate in terms of sheer traffic. It is #639 (at time of writing) of websites in the world. Overall and that’s very impressive when you consider how many websites exist and its Alexa Ranking is even higher.

It works in a very similar way to Chaturbate but I will warn that they are a little stricter in applications (which is a good thing for you in the long run). So it might be a day or two before you’re able to broadcast. The upside and downsides are similar to Chaturbate. However the earnings are higher as you keep 50% of all tokens that your followers spend in your chat room.

If you’re wondering what kind of money you can make on this platform, this month the top performer made $33,000 in the last 28 days. So the possibilities are there and making $10,000+ a month is not uncommon once you’ve built a following.

One reason I personally prefer Bongacams is the transparency. It induces competition by showing the leaderboards and making you strive for that top 10.

Get Started on Bongacams Now


If the idea of showing everything to the public without the paying like on the two platforms above is a little overwhelming. Then you can go to LiveJasmin, which is more like the equivalent of a private lap dance of the cam world in that 99% of the girls stay full dressed and then they have set prices per minute for live private shows.

The company is owned by AWEmpire. Which is one of the biggest players in this space and own a plethora of cam sites but LiveJasmin is their crown jewel. They have been experts in giving the Cam Scene a little class. Their models generally look down on Chaturbate models, so if you are on both, expect a little hate but don’t worry, you can earn your Ferrari quicker.

In terms of earnings, you will get paid every two weeks like the others and you will keep between 60-75% of what your live feed makes, also the customer loyalty is definitely higher. However the downside is that you are less likely to get the volume of viewers that you get on the other two and therefor you will need to work longer growing your subscriber base before you get to earn the big bucks.

I would suggest if you’re a little more timid and worried about starting on cam though, then this is the one to go with.

Get Started on Live Jasmin Now


Another very similar Chaturbate site is Stripchat. Although it’s very similar, given it has 40 million monthly viewers on average it is not one to overlook. I would definitely consider, if you’re going the Chaturbate route already, to cam on Stripchat simultaneously as a way to make extra cash.

It has a few advantages over Chaturbate one of which it’s private chat can be setup as pay per minute and this allows you to make more money. It also allows you to show your country directly so for example if you’re a hot Colombian it will be easier for patrons to find you. This can be an upside or downside depending on your outlook.

They also embrace new technology such as VR a lot quicker than the others. So you can find niche viewers a lot quicker. Payouts are 50% of token sales and are paid bi-weekly exactly the same as the others so nothing much different here.

Get Started on StripChat Now


Yet another very similar Chaturbate site is Camsoda. Although it’s very similar, given it has 40 million monthly viewers on average it is not one to overlook. I would definitely consider, if you’re going the Chaturbate route already, to cam on Camsoda simultaneously as a way to make extra cash.

It has a few advantages over Chaturbate but the maid one of note is how they are ahead of them in technology much like stripchat and also are way ahead in terms of their reach on search and social. It won’t be many more years before they catch up!

They also embrace new technology such as VR a lot quicker than the others. So you can find niche viewers a lot quicker. Payouts are 55% of token sales and are paid bi-weekly exactly the same as the others so nothing much different here.

Get Started on Camsoda Now

How to Become a Cam Girl: The Equipment

To get going on your journey to become a cam girl, you can basically start now if you’re reading this on a computer. However if you’re on a phone it may or may not be able to work with their cam streaming platforms, so my advice would be to check by signing up above on your phone and trying it. If not, then you won’t need an expensive laptop but there is a few things other than the computer that you should consider looking into.

The Camera is Key for Cam Girls

If you want to know How to become a cam girl, clearly a camera is key. You can use the camera which is integrated into your laptop or computer. I would recommend getting a USB Webcam instead for a couple of reasons.

The first is that although the camera in a lot of new Laptops is 1080p in terms of quality but they still tend to look very grainy and if you’re looking to keep your followers happy these days then you need high quality.

The second issue is that you will be able to move a separate webcam a lot more efficiently and get it into a comfortable location, giving your guests the best view of whatever your trying to show them.

How to Become a Cam Girl: The Camera

The good news is that these days, given China is able to make these electronics so cheaply, you don’t need to spend much to get a decent quality camera these days with this one costing only $29.99 on Amazon and is more than good enough to work until your earning enough to setup a full studio. It also has a built in microphone so you won’t need to pay more for solid audio.

Sex Toys

Although this is an optional extra for getting started, if you’re starting on Chaturbate especially then I would highly recommend getting one particular Sex Toy that will increase your revenue a huge amount.

This particular toy is the Lovense Lush 2, which is supported by most of the platforms but is a big deal on Chaturbate as it allows you to automatically integrate the tips with the toy, the more the viewers tip, the more it vibrates and gives your followers a show.

If you want to know how to become a successful cam girl, this particular tip is key.


Another one that isn’t necessary but the longer you can keep your audience watching the more likely they are to tip, so having some ongoing wardrobe changes are a great way to keep them wanting more.

A great store to get a mixture of costumes, lingerie and so on is Yandy and we’ve got an exclusive Free Shipping on orders over $70 from them, just for you!


This probably goes without saying but we do want to warn you that there are some dangerous people out there so when you’re setting up to go on cam, make sure you’re recording somewhere that people outside can’t see you and get the wrong idea but more importantly make sure that there is nothing within view of the camera that could identify your location.

It’s important to stay safe, keep your location private and keep details to yourself. Stay safe out there!

Marketing Strategy

Now that you’ve selected a platform and setup, ready and eager to go on cam, you need to start looking at your marketing strategy and how you will drive people to view your cam feed so that you can start earning dollar dollar bills. Now there are a ton of different ways to drive traffic, but we’re going to add some ideas to get the ball rolling here and we’ll link into it here more and more as time goes on. This is the key part of How to become a successful cam girl.


This social media platform is a way for models from all walks of life to attract viewers and will help you be able to pin point your target demographic easily.

Read our full guide on Instagram here


We’ve seen massive success from girls heading over to Reddit and getting lots of traffic as well as a loyal following. A lot of people overlook this location because they assume you can post your nudes and drive followers from here but Reddit has a ton of NSFW subreddits so that you can find one ideal for the kind of target market you’re going for.


Another great strategy is to start your own website where you share your content and give users a sneak peak of what they can expect from you, the great thing about this is you can use paywalls or affiliate programs to get even more money from the traffic you drive to the website.

See our full content strategy guide here

Earning More with a White Label

If you want to earn even more from your camming work, then check out our guide to setting up your own White Label version so you can gain 20% more from the tokens that you use either here with Chaturbate or here with Bongacams

Big Spenders & the Whales to Find

If you’re still not sure and you’re wondering how much can people possibly spend on these platforms, check out this article where we checked out the different spending habits of various user types on Chaturbate.

Did you enjoy our How to become a cam girl guide? Let us know in the comments.

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