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Bongacams vs. Chaturbate

In our most popular post, found here, we discuss how you can earn money by using the Chaturbate Affiliate Program and use it to create a long lasting passive income of thousands per month if you start now. However there is another big player on the field of cam sites that we need to talk about today which you could also go with which could potentially earn you more money.

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What is Bongacams

Much like Chaturbate, Bongacams provides a platform for models to show their stuff on cam and then users can give them tips, or pay for a subscription, or they can pay to go on a private cam show with the model. These are both the digital equivalent of a strip club where the models own their own club basically.

The difference between the two is one of ranking, apart from the slightly different style, Bonga have been the kings of search engines and they know how to work them, they are the highest ranked cam site in the world and it’s not even close.

Advantage for Entrepreneurs and Models over Chaturbate

The advantage for Entrepreneurs using Bongacams is a simple one of earnings over Chaturbate, while Chaturbate offers you a commission of 20% on all money spent on your white label or through your link, Bongacams offers you 25%.

They also win when it comes to pay per signup, for every person that signs up on your Chaturbate Affiliate Program from a top tier country like the United States or Norway, you will receive $1. Bongacams however will give you $4 and $4.50 per signup for these countries respectively.

The next area where you will earn much more overtime is with Model referrals. If you send someone to become a Bonga Model, instead of getting the $50 bonus once they earn their first $20 on Chaturbate, you will earn 5% of everything they make (which is taken from Bongacams commission, not the models) and this could add up to a lot more than anyone else.

So the simple fact here is that the money that you can earn can rise significantly over time compared with Chaturbate Affiliates. As you can see in the earnings from the image above, there is a lot of money to be made if you become a top earner.

There’s always a Downside

Now to get to the downside of Bongacams because it can’t all be to good to be true, but don’t worry these downsides aren’t huge.

The first one, which was a big worry for me when I was signing up is around the white label, first there is a 48 hour approval for being allowed to setup your own White Label using their cam site, whereas with Chaturbate it’s instant.

However for me the bigger issue is that once accepted, you need to transfer ownership of your domain to Bongacams meaning that at any point they could technically take it away from your control. They do this to ensure that if you try to scam the system they can shut you down and also control the SEO of the domain correctly. This scared me off for a few days but then realized that in the long run I get their reasons and it might be worth it.

So I’m now making some money from this after only 3 weeks, around $25 per day average, but that will grow quickly by using my same tactics as I do on Chaturbate Affiliate.

Have you had a good or bad experience with Bonga? Let us know in the comments.

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