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Start Your Own Adult Cam Site – Earn $10,000 a Month

Create your own Live Cam Site and earn 20% of everything spent on it, no management or investment!

Since writing this post we’ve also looked at Bongacams. if you want to learn about their awesome platform and Start Your Own Adult Cam Site with them, check this post!

If you are looking for a solid way to make a passive income. Then this could be one that could suit you more than anything else as once you set up. Start Your Own Adult Cam Site is an amazing way to make a ton of passive income. Do the initial months work it is truly passive. In my first 60 days of running this business following the steps below I was able to get the business up to $600 a month. Only spending about 20 minutes a day on it, now it has grown massively from there!

UPDATE: We’ve found a way to easily get this to $3,000 a month. if you’ve already read this, skip to the bottom.

Not a Fan of long Reads? That’s ok, watch instead!

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    How does it work?

    It’s really easy, you can setup your own White Label version of Chaturbate which works off their system. This allows you have your own Live Cam Site, that you can send traffic too to earn money. The beauty is they have the Models/Broadcasters, they do all of the work, hosting and everything. So it’s free to set up. You just send people to your new cam site and optionally, but preferably, add a custom domain name. This will cost you only around $8 per year . You will set this up by going to this link and then following the steps below. This will take around 30 minutes to setup and then never need to be touched again.

    The Link White Label

    Then you can follow the quick steps below. If you want a video version step by step with full details on how to Start Your Own Adult Cam Site. You Can Watch it above or by clicking “our Youtube” up top.

    Getting Setup

    Once you head over to this link (same as above) you will need to register an account with Chaturbate. Activate your affiliate account with them. Once this is done, head to the White Labels link on this page.

      Win our weekly 2,000 Token Giveaway, go to Galacticams (our awesome cam site) sign up for a free account and fill out the quick form below to be in with a chance to win!

      On this page you want to press the [Add] button which is highlighted in blue. In this page you can then select a colour preset, white & blue is the standard Chaturbate Colours. Name the website, whatever you want, generally speaking you want to name it along the same lines as the .com/.co domain name you plan to buy.


      Your logo can be important as you want it to be, when you are setting this site up, it can be important for credibility. Before you think you need to go and pay a graphic designer, head over to Canva and get yourself a free 30 day trial (just remember to cancel it if you don’t use it for anything else). Then search for logos. Select something similar to what you like, edit the text. Then download the png and add it to the whitelabel.

      Ready to Share

      Once you have the logo added go through the form and change anything else you feel like switching out. Then go ahead at the bottom and click finish/done. You now have a White Label and you’re 90% ready to start earning more dollars than ever before.

      On the White Label Section you will now see your new cam site and you can click the [Preview] button to view it and or you can click [Edit] if you would like to go back and fix something.

      The next step (which is optional) is to add a domain. If you don’t do this you will still be able to continue but your site will be “” instead of “”. If you’re just trying to get the extra 20% for your current camera, you can use this and it won’t matter but there are some advantages to getting a custom domain which I will explain now.

      Adding a Custom Domain Name

      Search and buy domains from Namecheap

      Click the banner above or go to this link to buy a domain name, a .com. With our discounted links will cost you around $8 (USD) per year, so it’s not crazy expensive. Once you’ve bought this, you need to follow the following steps. It will take around 5-10 mins to complete and then your new cam website is all ready to go.

      1: Click the [Add Link]

      2: Enter Your New Domain Name

      3: Copy This Information

      4: Head over to your new Domain on Namecheap (or other domain store)

      Sign into your dashboard, click on the domain’s “Manage” button. Then go to Advanced DNS. and just add the fields as instructed. Here are mine to give you an idea.

      Once this is done, just repeat this step with the next 2 instructions Chaturbate will give you. Their system will then verify the updates. However now you have your domain added. NOTE it can take up to 4 hours for these changes to update, so if your domain is not active with Chaturbate straight away just come back later and check again.

      Sharing & Making Money

      Now all you need to do is share this website wherever you can, Reddit, setup an Instagram, head over to chat rooms or if you’re comfortable doing so, with friends. Head over to our Resources or Courses section to learn more about Marketing your new website.

      Then when someone spends money on the site, you’ll get the 20% affiliate bonus from Chaturbate! Simple! Even better, if someone registers on your website, Chaturbate will send them daily marketing emails and even if they spend money on itself, you still get the 20%!The other advantage is, if the fan goes to another girls page and tips her, you still get the 20%!

      Broadcaster Register

      Another huge advantage of having your own cam site like this, is that if you refer someone who starts broadcasting on Chaturbate through your website, when they make their first $20 you will get a $50 bonus! Plus if they share their link to your site, you’ll be getting a 20% cut every time, what’s not to like.

      Some Additions for Marketing

      One of the things I’ve learned from more research on this topic since and running a few more by helping people to set their sites up, is that your white label CANNOT be indexed by Google, this is important to note if you were planning on sharing and trying to grow an organic strategy.

      A quick way around this is to do what we’ve now successfully implemented and brought us to $3,000 a month, is where we’ve added content sites which draw the customers in and now can be indexed by Google. To do this, you’re going to want to start your own Adult site using Vicetemple’s $5 a month hosting and then you can link to the girls using content.

      Once Google indexes your site, it’s literally free money!

      If you have any more questions, head over to the contact us page and ask away, or if you want to grow this business, consider taking one of my courses! Thanks for reading!

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