How much do cam girls make

How much do cam girls make?

Although the obvious answer is that it depends and can fly wildly from enough to bottle a bottle of Moet to enough to buy a Lamborghini. In this article I wanted to run through a range of figures and the differences between them so that you can get some idea of the averages. I will also break it down into what causes the difference in these averages. I also need to give thanks to the people over at Ready Set Cam who conducted a survey of 655 cam girls during 2020 to get the useful data that we will use to flesh out this Article. All that being said, let us jump into the key question most of you will have, how much do cam girls make.

The Brass Tax

The average from their survey cam to $1,043 per week per cam girl but this flung wildly between the Cam Girls depending on the factors we will discuss below. The top earning cam girls on the survey earned up to $56,000 a week with the lowest earning gaining around $100 per week. This meant that the average a cam girl makes was $58.77 per hour, which ranged from as much as $350 per hour to $4.80 per hour in that survey.

Experience is Key

This one won’t surprise you but the survey found that cam girls with more experience were also the biggest earners. The simple fact is, the longer you work on it, the more hardcore followers you will have and obviously you will become better at it. According to the Ready Set Cam survey, “new cam models with less than 1 year of experience make $804 per week on average, or $43 per hour.” which is still a pretty good average compared to most other work with less than a years experience. On the other side of this, cam girls with 5+ years of experience would easily clear $2500 a week.

Putting in the Hours.

Another somewhat obvious part to the question of How much do cam girls make is it depends of the amount of hours they put in. Cam girls who spend more than 40 hours a week broadcasting tend to earn more than $2,500 a week, whereas those who work less than 10 hours average around $350 a week. This combined with the experience are two of the biggest factors associated with biggest earnings.

 Hours WorkedEarnings Per WeekEarnings Per MonthEarnings Per Year
5 hrs / wk$355$1,521$18,511
10 hrs / wk$787$3,373$41,036
15 hrs / wk$1,088$4,663$56,731
20 hrs / wk$1,200$5,143$62,571
25 hrs / wk$1,133$4,856$59,078
30 hrs / wk$1,667$7,144$86,922
35 hrs / wk$2,123$9,099$110,699
40+ hrs / wk$2,625$11,250$136,875
Taken from Ready Set Cam

The Platform Counts

Taken from Ready Set Cam

The next key factor that you need to take into account is that the platform used by the Cam Girl makes a big difference in terms of earnings. While Chaturbate accounts for most of the models main platform, most of the cam girls said that either Streamate or My Free Cams were the two best platforms. In terms of top paying cam sites, streamate topped the list with Chaturbate a fair second. “While Xmodels was the highest in average total earnings at $2,440 per week, on an hourly basis, Streamate comes out as the #1 choice, with average model earnings of $69 per hour.”

Job TitleHourly PayAnnual Salary
Streamate Webcam Model$69 / hr$143,520
Chaturbate Webcam Model$65 / hr$135,200
Xmodels Webcam Model$64 / hr$133,120
Stripchat Webcam Model$63 / hr$131,040
MyFreeCams Webcam Model$57 / hr$118,560
Camsoda Webcam Model$41 / hr$85,280
Cam4 Webcam Model$28 / hr$58,240
LiveJasmin Webcam Model$8 / hr$16,640

So there you have it, hopefully this gives you some idea of how much the average cam girl makes on all of the different websites. Let us know your next question in the comments.

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