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How much does a Chaturbate Broadcaster Make?

One of the interesting things that we see people asking us constantly when they want to learn about Broadcasting or setting up a White label Affiliate program for Chaturbate is a simple question, how much does a Chaturbate broadcaster make on the platform. If you’re interested in becoming a camgirl or guy then check out our essential guide!

We Googled “how much does a Chaturbate broadcaster make” and there is surprisingly little information about averages and what variables come in and out, so we decided that we’d put together some of the stats that we found and that we got from talking to some of the models who joined through this website.

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The Variables

To answer how much does a Chaturbate broadcaster make correctly we feel like we need to break it down depending on followers because this will massively change your earnings and also consistency of when you broadcast, as this will help with the algorithm.


When you begin, getting to 100 followers is the key to allow you to get consistent earnings, we’ve found that on average with 100 followers broadcasters make on average around $1,000 per month if they broadcast every day for an average of 2 hours.

This means that on average a new broadcaster with their first 100 followers will make an average of $34 per day. Doesn’t sound great, but like anything it will continue to grow as you add followers.


This is where things tend to start to grow rapidly and by this point with the same 2 hours a day you are now up to an average of $100 per session worth of tokens, this means that you will be making an average of $3,000 per month, which is not too bad at all just for sitting and chatting to some people on a camera.

Or it’s the worst thing in the world…if you’re reading this and telling me all of this is a sin right now.

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    Finally there are the top tier of broadcasters who have painstakingly built a following and have decided that it is the only thing they enjoy doing, sending fans from instagram, only fans and so on, these broadcasters earn on average $300-$400 worth of tokens per 2 hour session.

    This means that they are earning anywhere between $10,000 and $12,000 per month, keeping in mind that there are people with a much higher following than this then it shows that they can make a considerable amount more.

    Consistency of Broadcasting

    One of the main things that you need to keep in mind if this is something you’re interested in is that, much like YouTube, don’t expect to get a tonne of followers the first time you broadcast, it takes time.

    One of the key ways that Chaturbate will help you is that their algorithm will automatically promote your feed on their homepage, tags and more importantly, in their email marketing.

    However if you want them to take you seriously, then make sure you are consistent with your broadcasting times and length, create a schedule and stick to it, if you’re going to be “off air” for a long period of time, let your followers know in your bio.

    Consistency is key.

    Other Factors

    The other factors that will make a difference to not only how fast you grow but how many tokens you earn per followers are your external following and your Chaturbate setup.

    So make sure that you start your Instagram, Only Fans, Twitter, etc at the same time that you start broadcasting so that you can send these fans. These fans are also more likely to be big tippers if they are following you on multiple places.

    Also make sure you set up the bots/apps on Chaturbate so that the system is constantly reminding viewers to tip and receive rewards to again up your conversion.

    Tip for Growth (pun intended)

    One of the other ways that you can get Chaturbate to push your feed and also gain more income per user is to purchase one of Lovense’s toys, which will connect directly to Chaturbate and allow users to control the toy based on their tips, this is an amazing way to massively increase the engagement you get on your feed.

    Don’t forget to give us feedback in the comments, we really appreciate it.

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