How much popular are Cam Sites at Christmas?

Every single day of the week there are thousands, and thousands, of visitors finding their way onto different cam platforms around the world, lavishing their favourite cam girls (and guys) with a plethora of wonderful, wonderful tokens. This has brought about a simple question in my head, in the month of giving, how much more popular are cam sites  at Christmas? In order to have a look at this, we’re going to focus in directly on Chaturbate, as it’s our main knowledge center in terms of earnings and so on.

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Chaturbate Average Monthly Figures

Outside of Christmas, the site usually averages around 76 million unique visitors per month, which is already a staggering amount of users for any website to be attracting. Given how attractive Chaturbate is, I suppose it isn’t exactly a shock! The overall unique visitors for Chaturbate in 2020 was a whopping 928,295,010. That’s almost a Billion Unique visitors to Chaturbate last year. If you tell me you can’t make money as a cam girl or affiliate because it’s saturated, think again. There are plenty of viewers to go around.

Chaturbate Christmas Figures

It is December however that causes a steep amount of extra users to influx into the system. Some of this is due to cam girls, like Lucie below (click here for her profile), who throw lavish and more intimate sessions for their beloved fans at Christmas, which causes their most loyal followers to be online more at Christmas and thus talking more, inviting more, and so on. The other is new users who have time off, it’s darker out and so on. People are looking for an extra entertainment factor at Christmas, thus sending them towards Chaturbate. The simple fact of the matter is that the traffic increases to over 20% above the average, or roughly 91 million unique visitors in December!

A simple way to look at this is, whether you want to be a cam girl, an affiliate or just looking for more friends as you view the cam sites, December might just be the ideal time to do it.

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