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How to Start an Adult Website in 2021

As you’re probably aware our main topic is around creating your own Adult Cam Site, but there are hundreds of other options and ideas that people have to starting their own Adult Business website. This is how you can start an adult website in 2020.

Whether it’s hosting porn that you are creating, creating your own Tube Site pulling in content from multiple different available sources or just creating content around porn such as reviews, it’s never been cheaper and easier to get started.

There is a few issues that you will need to keep in mind and hurdles to overcome but these are also getting simpler thanks to some service offerings to start your own adult website this year.


When it comes to hosting your porn site, you can’t just head over to the likes of Amazon or GoDaddy for a server because their terms of service forbid adult content. However there is a simple way around this by using Vicetemple servers.

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    Vicetemple allow for adult content on their systems and we use them for hosting various different websites. Their cheapest server starts at $5.

    Payment Gateways

    Much like the hosting, you cannot accept payment for services you provide through Paypal for example as their terms of services deny taking money from the porn industry.

    The alternative is to use Paxum who will happily work with this industry and work closely with porn giant Chaturbate, we’ve worked with them for years and have never had an issue that they couldn’t solve for us.


    If you’ve worked in the industry or understand the laws, then this won’t be an issue, but for newcomers to the industry the main thing that you need to watch out for is using content from sources that you’re not sure of. The reason is that you can very easily be fined or sued for using this content illegally and also you could accidentally break some laws.

    Our advice at the beginning would be to begin by pulling content from Chaturbate, Hubtraffic or AWEmpire, this way you know the content is legal and you are allowed to use it. The added bonus is that you will earn commission from them for sending traffic to their content also.

    What site are you thinking of starting? Put it in the comments.

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