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Chaturbate White Label Content Strategy for Income

Unsurprisingly the largest question we get asked here is how can you get traffic sent to your new Chaturbate Affiliate White Label as it cannot be indexed by Google, which means you will have to slog it out sharing the site every day and trying your best to work hard and get registrations.

However if you’re like me, you make your money with passive incomes, which means that you want to find a way to put in up front work that drives a lot of traffic in the long term and allows you to then just add to it over time at your own pace. The best way to do this is to create a content strategy that sends traffic to your new Chaturbate white label. If you’re on cam, or running an OnlyFans account, then this can also help drive the traffic.

Prefer watching than reading?

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The Simple Idea

The fact is, Adult content drives massive content easily, it’s not that surprising given the old joke that the “internet is great for porn”, but this is good if you’re trying to make money with an adult business, which if you’re reading this, you probably are.

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Now, as I said above, Google can’t index your white label but it can index your website with content that you then use to tell people all about your white label or your cam. If your a model, you can even use this to share content and photos without sharing a commission with OnlyFans for example.

How to start?

You will need a domain name, you can either setup a subdomain like and use this, or buy a new domain (we suggest NameCheap) and link this to your new website.

Then you will need to setup a new website, obviously you can’t host adult photos and content on 99% of hosts as it is against their rules. However ViceTemple allows this content and is tailored specifically for it, starting at only $5 a month it’s the simplest place to start.

Then you want to install a wordpress instance, pick a theme, I suggest something simple like Sinatra theme and write your first post.

In our next few posts we will show you how to setup the entire blog and how to make content so that it appears on Google.

Let us know in the comments what questions you have for us to cover.