Together We Cam 2.0

I’ve been a little scattered with updating this website for a long time now and I’ve been deep into other projects that have just taking priority, the biggest of which has been starting a family.

However I know the website has helped a lot of people or at least motivated them, and there seems to be a lot of interest. I’m not sure when I’m going to be able to push a lot of focus back onto this website and community so instead I decided that it would be better to make it more of a community.

You’ll find the new features under your username once you’ve logged in. Let’s discuss them.

As such there are some new functions of the website that will help anyone interest to make use of the large traffic that hits this website every month.

Guest Articles

Now on the new website anyone who is logged in can submit an article to be seen on the website. This is a great way to get your content in front of 10,000 unique visitors that this website attracts every week.

All you have to do is to register and then hit submit an article and follow the two simple rules. Either myself or the two others on our team will then review the content within 24 hours (Monday-Friday and put it live, or come back to you if any issues are found.

The simple rules

  1. Self Promotion is Allowed, but…
    We love you posting here, it helps us as much as it helps open up your content to a wider audience. In return we are happy for you to share links to your own website and even affiliate links. It’s not an issue. However the post still needs to add value to the reader. If your article is a helpful resource that links to affiliate products or your own website that’s fine. If it’s just an advert for you, it won’t be accepted.
  2. No Explicit Content
    I know this sounds funny given that this site is about pornography, however we don’t publish actual NSFW content, just information. A photo with women (or men) in lingerie or bikini’s is fine. However full nudity won’t be accepted.


We’ve added a new discussion board/forum for visitors to use to discuss various topics and we can add new sections at request. If you want a new forum added or to become a moderator, then just email


I’ve got a couple of new courses, including one I just pulled to be re-created at a higher level however we’ve now added functionality so that any of you can publish a course on our platform and earn money. You keep 90% of the income, with 10% going to us to maintain the hosting of video and process payment fees etc.

Once you earn over $100 the earnings are sent on the 15th of each month to your paypal account.

Affiliate Program

If you send anyone to the website, you’ll get 50% of anything they purchase in terms of courses and also future products, like our community store which will be added later this year. If this is a course that I’ve added it’s 50% of the price, if it’s a course a community member has added then it’s 50% of the commission we take as a hosting fee.


The long term hope in all of this is to allow for others to create their own life changing income through this type of work, it’s helped me immensely and while I can’t be here constantly, perhaps I can offer the tools to help you further your journey!

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