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Why targeting countries is so important to earn more

As we mentioned in one of our latest posts about targeting Japan not all countries are created equally. As such I wanted to touch on this again about some different ways that you can better target some countries to earn more money. There are a few advantages of being specific about targeting countries. The first of these is that you will have less competition in your niche by narrowing down on one country. The second is that you can focus in on a geographical location that spends more on Adult Content that means the pay per click will be higher. Thirdly it will help you stand out with unique and highly targeted content. Now let’s talk about a couple of different ways that you can target different countries.

Country Specific Theme

If you are just starting out then the biggest way you can get on top of this is by going all in on one country. You can create an entire site based around the adult niche you’ve selected and putting content specific to that country. Porn from that country, or check Pornhub’s statistics to find out what kind of content that country likes. A country specific domain could also help.

Country Specific Section of Content

If you’ve already got a content strategy then you can still jump on this. All you need to do is take your current website and add sections which have content targeted around that country. You could also add a complete section with the countries name as the category. Finally you could, well…next section.

Country Specific Languages

Another way you could target a specific country is to do something we do on this website. This is where you take the content that you currently produce and ensure to create a second version of it in the language of this country. You can do this really simply with WordPress using the plugin Polylang. It has helped us gain thousands of users a week and along with that hundreds of dollars a day of advertising income from Colombian and Spanish visitors.

What help do you need? Let us know in the comments!

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