Adsense Adult Websites

Adsense Alternatives for Adult Websites

One of the key issues for anyone who creates an Adult Website is that monetising it can be difficult, especially if you aren’t running an aggressive affiliate program or directly selling explicit content. One of the key issues with the website you’re reading is that although we don’t have explicit content, Google’s Adsense still views this as an Adult website and therefore we cannot use that as a monetisation strategy. Although we don’t specifically need it to break even, this website is all about the adult cam industry and teaching others how they can make money using adult content. Therefore we wanted to search for the perfect alternatives to Adsense for Adult Websites.

We’ve already found five different Adsense alternatives that cater to adult websites and one of them, JuicyAds, is already running on the website. Thus we’re going to be your guinea pig and show you the exact outcomes of each of those as we trial each of the following for 30 days at a time. Thus be sure to check back every 30 days to get the results of our trial with each platform.

The networks we will be trying first are Adsterra, ExoClick, Popads, CPAMatica, Popcash and of course, Juicyads.

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