Chaturbate Analytics

How to use analytics to grow your Chaturbate room

As a model on Chaturbate you only get very basic stats from them – not nearly enough to answer many key questions you have:

  • What time should I be broadcasting to make the most money?

  • What hashtags are the most successful for me to get visitors into my room?

  • What tippers tipped the most tokens this broadcast or this month?

  • How are my non-nude shows doing compared to my other shows?

  • How are my earnings trending over time?

  • What on my tip menu is working, what is not?

  • Have I been growing consistently?

All of these questions (and many more!) can be answered using CB Cam Insights, an all-in-one analytics & stats and data solution for Chaturbate. The product charges a subscription fee but offers a free one week trial to check it out if it provides value to you.

At the core of CB Cam Insights is tip and tipper tracking – each purchase and tip in your broadcasts is stored and the tippers are ranked so that you can see how well you did in each broadcast and the top tippers for each broadcast, week, month or whatever time period you’re looking for. You also can see the full tipping history for everyone that tipped you – very useful if you want to look at a particular tipper’s history. You can easily track your earnings, and where you’re trending over-time.


Additional features include tip menu  and purchases management to see what items are working well (or not so well) and a hashtag history so you can optimize your tags to get more visitors into your room.


CB Cam Insights also tracks which hours work best for you so that you can adjust your schedule accordingly to make best use of your high token hours.

There’s too many more features to count (link tracking, tip reports, tipper search, schedule optimization, achievements and records, overview dashboard, long-term earnings, long-term trends, etc.), so if data is your thing, you should see for yourself or check out the online documentation. There’s also a free chrome extension with many useful features (tip, followers and interactions tracking) that you don’t need to be a subscriber for to use.

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