Webcams for Cam Girls

Best Webcams for Cam Girls

When starting out as a cam girl one of the key pieces of equipment that you will need is a web cam. Obviously. I know you might be thinking that you can use the embedded camera in your laptop however this is probably not your best option. This is for a few reasons, but mainly the fact that the quality will be low and that the camera cannot be moved into positions as you need it. As such in this post we wanted to run you through the best and most affordable Webcams for Cam Girls. Also don’t forget to follow our Essential Guide before you start your journey!

Standard Web Cam

The cheapest way to start out is to buy a decent web cam which can be plugged into your laptop and away you go. The advantage of this is that you can setup the web cam with ease, the disadvantage is that although the quality will be very high, the two options below will give you more versatility and higher quality. It is though, the best place to begin on your web cam journey.

Use Your Mobile Phone

Another simple option is to use your Android phone and the app Droidcam, simply put the app on your phone and also install it on your computer. Once you do this, you can just connect your usb cable from your phone to your laptop and it will act as a web cam. The only other thing you will then need is something to fix the phone to your monitor or a phone tripod.

Using a Go Pro

The last and more expensive option is that, exactly like using your phone, you can also use a Go Pro. This is a more expensive option but it gives a wide view on your cam room which means you could fit the whole room in and get some interesting shots. It also has the upside that you can use this camera on holidays or for taking pool shots for Only Fans.

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