Create your own Adult Courses

Create your own Adult Courses

Now it may not surprise you to know that course creation is big money these days. I for example make a solid income from just creating courses for Udemy. The great thing about creating these courses is that you can spend a day creating one and then earn from it for years to come. The issue is that there are no platforms that allow Courses based around Adult content. That is, until now, now that Porn Learning is live, you can Create your own Adult Courses and make money for years to come.

Why Create a Course?

There are many reasons that you should create a course, it could be because you are passionate about the subject and that is honestly the ideal reason. However let’s be honest here, most people do it for the income. Courses can be an amazing source of passive income and whether you are looking to do a high ticket or low ticket course, they are an amazing way to create an income. The beauty is that with platforms like Udemy you can now create a course in a day, upload it and then sit back and let them do the work! Don’t believe me? Take my free course on course creation and try it for yourself! When it comes to Udemy, if you were to start now and create a course a month for the next 2 years, you could be easily earning $50-$150k a year, which for most people would replace their full time income!

Nude & Non-Nude Courses

The great thing about this new platform is that you can create courses based on Adult Themes, similar to my course on how to start as an adult cam affiliate, or you can create a course based on a non Adult theme but do it in lingerie or full nude. This means that the options for creating your new source of income are limitless. Teach French in the Nip….patent pending!

I don’t have an area of expertise!

This is the biggest reason that people shy away from creating a course. I call it America’s “Expert Culture” and it leads people to undervalue their skills and knowledge. You can have more knowledge in an area you are passionate about that the so-called experts and yet still you doubt yourself because you don’t have the piece of paper. The key factor that you need to take into account is that your level of knowledge just needs to meet one bar. Do you know more than the person you are selling to course to? If so, you’re an expert. A lot of the time the customer is just looking for a piece of motivation or a key piece of information that you have without having to spend hours, days, weeks or months searching for it.

Factor in the Cost

One of the simplest ways to overcome the course creation fears is to “factor in the cost.” What I mean by this is that when we are starting out and don’t have any students, you can reasonably be concerned that you might be out of your depth. The easy solution to this is to sell your first course for $10-$20. Is the information you are offering worth 1 hour of work in the US for the average person? If so, then sell it for that. I assure you it’s worth more, but this is a great way to start. Once you get your first course out there, you’ll start gaining the confidence you need to sell your courses for more and realise that you are in fact an expert.

What course do you want to create? Let us know in the comments!

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