Chaturbate Affiliate Tracking Software

Chaturbate Affiliate Tracking Software: Get a FREE TRIAL!

Our Chaturbate Affiliate Tracking Software allows you to add multiple accounts and get notified every time you make a sale. We created this software to solve an issue that we were having which is simply checking our stats constantly became a massive pain. If you’re not already a Chaturbate Affiliate (or if you’re a cam girl that wants to earn more) then check out our handy guide here!

TLDR? Watch Instead!

In order to check whether we’ve made a sale every day we needed to login to Chaturbate Stats. This usually means taking the phone out etc. Also once you’ve unlocked the daily payout feature, you do end up logging in daily to check stats and initiate the transfer.

This is where our new Chaturbate Affiliate Tracking Software comes in. Not only does it allow you to check your stats without constantly logging in, it’s also mobile responsive so it works on phones and tablets easily. Even better than this, it also sends you an email whenever you’ve made a sale.

Want to get started now? Head over to this link and either choose to get your first 30 Days FREE by signing up to our Monthly Plan. Want to save more? Pay yearly and save $37 or 4 Months straight away!

Current Features

  • Full Stats Access for Chaturbate Accounts
  • Add up to 6 Affiliate Accounts
  • Sale Notifications sent to your Email
  • Mobile Responsive
  • 50% off all current and future course offerings included in Subscription
  • Exclusive Monthly Training Webinars
  • Exclusive Monthly Ask Me Anything Webinars

Features 1st Quarter 2021
(Will be automatically added to your current account for free)

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