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How having a website can help you during lockdown

A cross post from our web design agency, Fix My WordPress.

It doesn’t need to be said that the Covid-19 has effected us all negatively to varying degrees but some of the hardest hit, other than health wise of course, have been small businesses. One of the segment of clients we work with a lot has been restaurants who have been unable to operate and even now in most places cannot operate at full capacity and for restaurants, with tiny profit margins as is, something had to change.

One of our long time clients came to us with an awesome idea, to package their famous products in a sealed box that comes with videos and instructions, so that their customers could still enjoy their wonderful smoked bbq at home. We offered them to do it for free to show our support and it went “gangbusters” for them.

This got us thinking about how we could help other small businesses, so we’ve added two features to our offerings. The first obvious one was that we launched our affiliate program as most of our business comes from our happy customers referring us and this way, they can get 30% a month kick back from anyone they refer.

More importantly we decided to add a free website and ecommerce to all of our packages. This means that even a small struggling business that has a website, or even one that doesn’t, will be able to get selling online for only €49.99 a month, with the full support of our experts.

What we’ve found is that we’ve been able to advice every client, no matter what business they have, how they can sell online and fulfill orders automatically. This has allowed us to help the swath of small businesses that we work with to offset the lack of walk in business by selling online.

How do you think selling online could help you? Talk to us today to find out. Remember, although we’re Irish and sell in Euros. We are a global business.

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