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Hosting for Adult Websites in 2020

As you may (or may not) be aware, when you want to start making money by hosting adult content it can be tough to find a company willing to host your content. Most of the normal hosting companies do not allow adult websites or any adult content. This also applies to those who need cam site hosting or hosting for cam affiliates.

There are a few that will allow certain types of content. Namecheap for example will allow some adult content but not all. Some are more strict, like GoDaddy, who won’t allow any content at all.

Over the years we’ve been moving our adult content sites between AWS before Amazon stopped allowing it, to various Russian servers. However we were always concerned about TOS changes and outages on the change of a breeze within a hosting company.

Luckily this is where we found a host who specializes in Adult content and isn’t ridiculously overpriced. Enter ViceTemple.

Why use ViceTemple for hosting your adult websites?

So while there are other hosts we went with ViceTemple because they are reasonably priced but more importantly for us, they specifically provide Adult Content Hosting. It is their whole business. This means that we were able to have complete confidence that this hosting for adult websites only company wouldn’t ban our adult content!

The follow up reason was of course down to price. We have some very high traffic sites but we also have sites that are specialist and don’t get as many hits per day. This allowed us to run those sites for as little as $5 per month!

We spend about $50 a month on ten different servers for these sites separately and then we have 5 different “Mounting Cyclops” VPS servers at a reasonable $100 per month each, which allow us to maintain our high traffic sites.

This brings us way down from the near $2,000 a month we were spending on average with previous hosts and the fact these are Adult website specific hosting means we don’t have to be careful what we say to support when we have an issue also!

We recommend Vicetemple for anyone looking for hosting for an adult website in 2020 and beyond!

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