How to find hosting for your ADULT CONTENT SITE

When it comes to promoting your new adult affiliate links or your adult cam white label, very little works better than a content strategy as I’ve covered before and of course, in our course…so let’s talk more about adult content hosting.

In the coming weeks I want to work more and more and more about this content strategy and we are even working on a fully fledged course on how to create an advanced content strategy like the ones that have been successful for us. However today I want to begin with the first part. Where can you host your online content strategy.

The video embedded above will help you quickly understand the full overview but if you prefer to read then here goes nothing.


I’m going to start with EasyWP simply because it’s the easiest host to setup a website. On top of this it is the easiest host who also offers allowance for large traffic. They have added security measures built in also and simple support.

Unlike other WordPress hosting they offer cheap and easy access to get started. This is where we host the very website that you are reading right now and we happily manage over 10,000 visitors per month on only $10 or less per month.

Using our link you’ll be able to get a $1 first month and then get your second month completely free. No reason not to get started!

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If you want to create something a little closer to pornography, such as Galacticams then you will need hosting that expressly permits adult content. As such the best we’ve found that won’t break the bank is ViceTemple.

Now you can technically host adult content on some of the big names, even EasyWP, however they are very strict on what is and isn’t allowed so you’ll constantly be stressed about a takedown or downtime which could cut into your profit.

This is why ViceTemple is the place to go for actual pornographic content as they specialize in this content and allow you to go nuts with adult content.

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Next week we’ll be covering how to build your first adult website and in the coming weeks we’ll be showing you some great information so definitely stay tuned and consider subscribing to our updates!

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