Top Earning Cam Girls

Top Earning Cam Girls

In today’s day and age, there is a lot of demand for online webcam modeling. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit, webcam modeling has skyrocketed as consumers want to satisfy their intimate desires without physical contact. This leads them towards webcam models, and they spend their money on online perks, which may be; chaturbation, private intimate sessions, sexting, erotic videos, explicit photos, and much more. In this post we discuss who in the world are the Top Earning Cam Girls!

Peak Of Webcam Modeling

As the lockdown affected various businesses and jobs adversely, many people, mostly women, moved towards webcam modeling, as it does not require any physical contact or any traveling. Seeing the demand for such content, the webcam modeling business has skyrocketed and is currently at its peak. Different websites and applications such as OnlyFans, IsMyGirl, Frisk. Chat, StripChat, Chaturbate, and others have been blooming in this era.

Top Earning Webcam Models

From famous singers, models, influencers, YouTubers to even athletes, various celebrities have joined this business. Cam girls, on average, earn way more money than a normal paying job. On average, a cam girl makes from thirty thousand dollars a month to over a million dollars annually. Some of the most paid cam girls have been women with an already huge following.

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne attends The Fashion Awards 2019 at The Royal Albert Hall. London, UK. 02/12/2019 | usage worldwide Photo by: Ik Aldama/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Bella Thorne, a famous actress, musician, author, and director, hopped on to OnlyFans, becoming the first person to earn one million dollars within the first twenty-four hours of the account’s creation. She earned her next million dollars within that same week.

Although, she had a fair share of controversy around her, being blamed that there were no completely nude photos or videos which she had already promised for hundreds of dollars on pay-per-view.

This caused outrage and people criticized her actions. These people were mostly from the adult entertainment industry. A major reason for this criticism was the other models were not allowed to charge large amounts for this kind of content. But despite all this, she was the first to make a million dollars on cam sites.

Tana Mongeau

This Top Earning Cam Girls launched her OnlyFans account in May of 2020. She was so successful on the platform that she earned over three million dollars in the first month. She was awarded by OnlyFans for her achievement. To this day, she has over five hundred thousand subscribers on her account and is booming.


Danielle Bregoli is a rapper/musician and an internet personality. She has been in the internet space since her teen years when she gained fame from an appearance on Dr. Phil. Within a week after turning eighteen, Danielle started her OnlyFans account, and to everyone’s surprise, she earned over one million dollars within the first six hours. She overtook Bella Thorne for the fastest earned million on the platform.

Among these Top Earning Cam Girls, other famous models that are earning over millions of dollars are Blac Chyna, Daisy Keech, Cardi B, Emily Black, and others.

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