Which Countries Spend the Most on Adult Cam Girls

Which Countries Spend the Most on Adult Cam Girls?

The adult cam industry is booming at a rapid rate. The industry is valued at over US$ 2 billion. People are now fed up with primitive and conventional porn videos. They want to see some live action. They want to have that sensual personalized experience to make their day. More women are joining as cam girls for leading adult cam platforms. Cam platforms such as Chaturbate, Live Jasmin and strip chat are providing the best live and tailored content.

Why adult cam industry is Booming?

The simple reason is the monotony that has long existed in the erotic and sexual world and fantasies. At least 15 years back, porn CDs and DVDs generated twice the revenue than the cam girls industry. Now, it has become the other way round. The reason is that over time people have realized that porn creates frustration and anxiety. It brings in in-sensitivity and provides an emotionless experience. In addition, it became very generic. People then shifted their focus to cam girls. The reason is that it provides a calm, personalized and full of emotional experience. You pay a certain price to get a tailored live content.

In addition, it allowed the adult performers to protect their work as well. Over time, it has also become a great channel of income for many. That is why young cam girls and guys are joining platforms such as Live Jasmin and Chaturbate to make their fortunes. Cam girls earn an overwhelming amount of money in just a few hours through cam.

Globally, the industry is gaining momentum. However, there are five countries which spend the most on adult cam girls. Let us get to the list of these countries that make sure to get the best sexual experience made only for them.

1# Columbia

Starting with the cam girl capital of the world, Columbia. It is only one just the “Cocaine Capital of the World”. Well, the coolest titles to hold as a city. Doesn’t the combination of cocaine and cam sex go hand in hand? That reason is that Columbian girls are so steamy and sexy. Our very own Columbian girl, Sofia Vergara, is an apt example. Moreover, the country has also one of the highest spendings on cam girls. They like to enjoy their own stuff because this makes them feel homely. Lame and nasty but kinda apt.

2# Brazil

Cam girls are the top searches of Brazilian men. Cam girls are also famous in Brazil due to lesbian followers as well. They are among the hottest people who like to watch hot cam girls.


3# United States of America

Cam girls are quite popular in the USA. They are commonly referred to as entrepreneurs in the US. It is the world’s biggest economy that spends a major chunk of the cam girls industry.

4# Australian

Well, the kangaroos here cannot be kept in pants. Australia is one of the highest spending countries for cam girls. Porn viewership has noticeably declined since 2018. That is the reason that Australians are spending more on adult cam girls.

5# India

India never fails to amaze. Recently, it has come to public that it has become one the highest cam girl spending nations. In addition, the world’s largest democracy that contributes to the cam girl industry too as content creators. It loves to take the lead. Indians are experts at everything.

Well, did you find your country’s name on the list? If yes, join the league as well, if you like. On the other hand, If your country is not on the list. Do not worry; you can go and change the game as well. Make a fortune on platforms such as Live Jasmin and Chaturbate.

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