Which platform should you start with as an Affiliate?

Which platform should you start with as an Affiliate?

It’s a new year and plenty of you are surely looking for new income opportunities, as an example, I’ve just written a book! Now if that’s true and you’ve arrived on this website, then you’re either pondering starting your own adult affiliate website or becoming a cam girl. If it’s the first, then I’d like to run through which platform you should begin with to allow you to get to success as quickly as possible. In this quick post I’m going to give you the reason why, at least as a first timer, I think you’d do best to focus on Chaturbate instead of Live Jasmin or Bongacash.

What is Adult Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking for a solid way to make a passive income. Then this could be one that could suit you more than anything else as once you set up. Start Your Own Adult Cam affiliate is an amazing way to make a ton of passive income. Do the initial months work and then it is truly passive. In my first 60 days of running this business following the steps below I was able to get the business up to $600 a month. Only spending about 20 minutes a day on it, now it has grown massively from there!

It’s really easy, you can setup your own White Label version of Chaturbate which works off their system. This allows you have your own Live Cam Site, that you can send traffic too to earn money. The beauty is they have the Models/Broadcasters, they do all of the work, hosting and everything. So it’s free to set up. You just send people to your new cam site and optionally, but preferably, add a custom domain name. This will cost you only around $8 per year . You will set this up by going to this link and then following the steps below. This will take around 30 minutes to setup and then never need to be touched again.

Why Chaturbate over Bongacams or Live Jasmin?

As you research this topic,  you’ll find that Bongacams and Chaturbate are remarkably similar, while Live Jasmin is the upper class version of these sites. At least that is how it is marketed. When it comes to starting out it would be best to leave Live Jasmin alone, the simple reason is that the type of user that enjoys this website are rare. They do on average spend more, but they are harder to find. I would advise setting this up once you’ve learned the ropes, the simple fact is in my first 3 months of Live Jasmin affiliate work I managed to sign up around 10 people, whereas with Chaturbate I signed up over 100. This gave me the confidence I need to keep going. If I’d started with Live Jasmin, I may have given up.

As for Chaturbate over Bongacams, if you’re up for it, I’d say to do both at the same time. They are incredibly similar in terms of marketing so there is no reason not to. However similar to Live Jasmin, you will see a bigger conversion rate (amount of signups per users visiting) with Chaturbate. This is down to a simple fact that Chaturbate has a wider array of members and is more widely known. They also, I’m sorry to say, have better conversion tactics and are more likely to gain you income faster than Bongacams.

Thus my advice is again simple, if you can, promote all three. However if you need to focus on just one, it’s 100% best to start with Chaturbate.

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