How to remain anonymous as a cam girl

How to remain Anonymous as a Cam Girl

When it comes to being a cam girl, you obviously won’t be able to remain completely anonymous. However you probably want to keep a certain amount of your work secret. As an example you might want to keep your family, friends and current place of work (while you transition to a full time income) from knowing about your online side hustle. There are certain ways you can include your face, which will give you the best traffic, while still remaining anonymous to your daily world. In this quick guide, we’re going to assume you’ve already seen our How to Becoming a Cam Girl guide, and instead we’re going to answer your new question. How to remain Anonymous as a Cam Girl?

Never share your personal information

This one may seem obvious and as we said we’re assuming you’re planning to show your face. What you can do though is ensure that your name is different, again obvious. The best thing to do is to come up with a completely different name that has nothing matching your current one. A pen name if you will, or porn name…eh…eh…

Secondly, the next thing you want to make sure you give a vague location or no location at all. If you live in Lyon, either don’t say this or just say France. Most users will assume Paris. However you can simply not give your location. The problem is that you’ll lose out on men searching for French girls. Thus give a fairly vague location and it’s win win.

Some other simple things you can do to fully dive in, make the most and still remain anonymous are:

  • Create a separate email for this work only
  • Get a new phone number for this work only.
  • Setup a P.O. Box if you plan to allow members to send you Gifts.
  • Create Social Media identities specifically for this work.

Check Your Background

Although this could sit within the last heading, we felt it deserved it’s own section, however short. When setting up your camera, make sure that you have a locations specifically setup for cam work. The reason for this is to ensure there are no photos of you with relatives, possibly something with a name a good editor could photo enhance and also anything that would give away your location. Think an Eiffel Tower out your window could be a ringer. When you’re about to start your broadcast, do a quick sweep of your location and ensure there is nothing identifiable.

Block Your Location

The best part about these cam platforms is that they really get to understand their models. As such, all of these sites allow you to block users from your location. They are also good at knowing when a VPN is used. They have done a really good job. If you don’t want anyone in France to be able to see your Chaturbate page, it’s easy. We’ll give you the steps for Chaturbate, but if you’re camming anywhere else, they’ll have their own menu. Do a quick search or contact them.

Chaturbate’s geo-blocking feature allows you to restrict which countries, states and/or regions can view your cam.*

Go to “My Profile” and select “Settings and Privacy”. Under “Broadcaster Settings” you can modify which countries have access to your cam.

Click on the country you would like to block to move it into the “Blocked countries” box.

For some countries, the feature has been enhanced to allow you to block particular states within the United States, provinces within Canada, and regions within the United Kingdom. Follow the same instructions for blocking countries when altering which states/regions can view your cam.

Click on the state and/or region you would like to block to move it into the “Blocked states/regions” box.

*Please keep in mind that geo-blocking may not always provide full coverage, meaning that there may be IPs the tool does not register. 

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