Japanese Cam Sites

Why you should be looking at Japanese Cam Sites NOW

If you’ve been following this website you know that we’ve been big earners on the Big Three platforms, Chaturbate, Live Jasmin and Bongacams. However we’ve started going far east with our experiments and research. In this post we want to give you some insights as to why you should be looking at Japanese Cam Sites NOW.

Highest per Capita Spend on Earth

If you look at the amount spent on porn by each country on earth you will find that last year China topped the list with a whopping $27.8 billion spent, surprisingly the US is down the list at a marginal $13.3 billion spent. However when we look at the per capita spend this is where Japan makes a massive headway. In China this is a measly $23.1 USD per capita spend and the US is a little better at $34. Japan is a little higher though. The per capita spend on porn in Japan? $156.75. Yes Japanese people spend on average 5 times the amount on Porn that a US customer will. As such, whether you’re a cam girl, affiliate or a porn site owner, you are probably now wondering why you haven’t been focusing on the Japanese market all along! Wait though, there’s more.

Less Competition

Another reason to start looking at Japanese cam sites as an Affiliate or a Cam Girl is the drastic drop in competition. There are still thousands of cam girls but like filing down any niche, there are far less women on these sites and even less affiliates. If we look at Chaturbate there are 1440 models as of last year. If we look at the Japanese site DX Live, there are only 167. This means you stand out from the crowd as a model. As an affiliate, it means you also have less competition and can offer a more niche product.


If you are trying to become a cam girl more discreetly, as we discussed in a recent post, then you will also be happier broadcasting on DX Live or FC2 as 88% of users are Japanese and the vast majority of the other 12% are also from countries in Asia. As such if you are a US cam girl, then you are less likely to be caught by friends and family.

Time Difference

This one is great whether you’re a Cam Girl or an Affiliate based in the US then that 13 hour difference between New York and Tokyo means that you can turn this into a proper day job. If you start at 9am in New York then it will be peak time of 10pm in Japan. This means that you can be working in the optimum time to both broadcast to your audience and also link in users as an affiliate at the right time.

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