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Creating your own Website for your modelling

We’ve since made a more in depth post on this subject and how to host adult content and so on. So feel free to check that out at this link on creating your own website.

A great way to earn extra income and also to draw followers to the various places that you make money is to create your own website. Also a lot of the broadcasters that we speak too are also models in their non cam time.

If this is the case, then having your own professional portfolio can really help you to get those jobs that others can’t.

Nowadays creating a website is incredibly cheap, but can still be difficult to get right, we’re going to show you the absolutely easiest way to get a website online FAST


As you might be able to tell if you look at this website, we build most of our stuff on WordPress, the reason for this is we have the servers and for more advanced sites (not this one obviously) we can edit the underlying code to do exactly what we need.

However when it comes to our testing we use Site123 every time without fail.

The reason for this is it does exactly what it says on the tin, a site in 3 steps. We can use this platform to get a website together in 15-30 minutes with absolutely no technical skills, now we could use Squarespace etc, however we use Site123 for one other simple reason, for most basic uses like our testing sites…it’s completely FREE. Bonus.

All you do, is head over to Site123, create an account, select a layout that you like and then use their drag and drop tool to add the content the way you like. The only other things you will then need, are a logo and a domain.

Creating a Logo

While creating our website we need a logo but instead of going to our design team, we just head over to Canva and make one for free in two minutes, the reason is that honestly for the basic testing we’re doing, we’re not trying to grow a brand and until we know the idea can be monetised as we envision then we’re not going to pump resources in.

Domain Name

The only part of this that is paid is to head over to NameCheap or your preferred domain seller and getting yourself a new domain name, it’s $8 ish with our discount here. Then just follow Site123‘s steps to hook up the domain.

The Even Simpler Option

If you want to take an even lazier option you can always head over to Fix My WordPress and choose any of their annual plans which include a free website build and they’ll take care of everything for you.

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